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Two-Week Parlay for Star Caps Five; Attention Not Helping NFL

Banned Diuretic Case Still Lingering; Next Up on Dec. 22

At some point, the five NFL players who used Star Caps are going to have to pay the piper. The NFL is going to have to enforce their anti-doping policy, as flawed as it may seem. In this day and age of ‘act before react,’ the league is going to have to make an example out of someone.

By having a Minnesota judge extend the injunction on the mandatory four game suspensions, the five players (Kevin and Pat Williams of Minnesota; Charles Grant, Duece McAllister and Will Smith of New Orleans) were able to participate in this past Sunday’s games and next weekend. The next court date is December 22.


Regardless if these players used Star Caps as a steroid masking agent or not, the banned diuretic substance Bumetanide was still used. The NFL has been projecting a no-nonsense attitude with off-the-field issues, so they will at least have to give the impression of coming down hard on these players. All of this attention – even if the players themselves want to clear their names – cannot be good for a league that has kept the cleaning of their house out of the public eye, unlike Major League Baseball. Perhaps a better way of settling this would have been to cut the suspension to two games, reason being the confusion of Star Caps being on ‘the list’ or not. That way, the league would be giving in some and the players would still have felt that they received somewhat of a pass.

All of these court proceedings have made this a stand-off, and no one will be the winner in that.

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