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NFL Players Steroid-Free, According to Them

SI Players Poll Reveals Some Eyebrow-Raising Results

If prisoners in a random federal penitentiary were asked what percentage of them were guilty of their crimes, how many would be honest and admit that all or the vast majority of them deserved to be behind bars? It’s merely human nature to put any type of blame on your own shoulders and deflect criticism.

With sports and steroids intertwined so much today – and the ridiculous negativity that it has spawned – asking a professional athlete if he feels his brethren are using is not a true test. After seeing the results of the recent poll in Sports Illustrated, you will feel that it is more comical than accurate.

320 NFL players were surveyed and 32 percent said that zero to four percent use performance-enhancing drugs. Only 12 percent said what most of us would surmise – that 30 percent or more are using. From this group, the highest according to position were defensive lineman, who had 23 percent avoid their noses growing.

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The other numbers were: five to nine percent using (23%); 10 to 19 percent using (20%); and 20 to 29 percent using (12%). A mere one percent answered “not sure,” most likely from the kicker category.

Including the six players recently suspended for using Star Caps (although five of them have stayed on the field by appealing), a total of 20 NFL players have been suspended for violating the substance-abuse policy in the past two years. In comparison, Major League Baseball had seven suspensions (two for Neifi Perez) in the same time frame.

Are NFL players using PEDs at a high rate? It would seem to be a good argument that they are just by the sheer brutality of the sport and the appearance of many of them. It is obvious why they would rather keep things behind closed doors and in reality, that is the proper way to do it. Why give people like Joe Biden any more ammunition to blow this thing out of proportion any further?

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