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Titans Act Like Assholes After Beating Steelers

Classless Acts with ‘Terrible Towels’ Uncalled For

There are times where your actions come back to haunt you. Rubbing your opponent’s nose in it in the NFL is perhaps the dumbest act in all of sports, especially when there is a good chance that you will see each other again in a few weeks during the playoffs.

In the waning moments and following the Titans’ 31-14 victory over the Steelers this past Sunday at LP Field in Tennessee, a few of the victorious players decided to make a statement. Keith Bullock, LenDale White and Jevon Kearse got their hands on some of the ‘Terrible Towels’ that were being waved earlier in the game in the stands by Pittsburgh fans. Stomping on the towels, as done by Bullock and White, was bested by Kearse blowing his nose in one.

Not only does this show disrespect for your opponent and the game itself, but by a few acting like complete assholes on national television takes away some of the accomplishment that just took place. The Titans, who improved to 13-2 with the victory, wrapped up home field throughout the playoffs in the AFC and earned a first round bye.

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Bullock actually had the balls to be defiant when called on his immature actions. “I saw a bunch of them waving around our stadium, so I said that I need to get my hands on one of those,” he said to reporters. “I don’t care. Once it gets down to the playoffs and stuff like that, it just is what it is.”

This is the second time since last month that White has made a spectacle of himself. Following the Titans’ first loss of the season to the Jets, the running back bitched and moaned about only getting three touches and that he “didn’t care.”

Tennessee head coach Jeff Fischer has done a tremendous job, but needs to keep his players in check if he has aspirations on making it to Super Bowl XLIII. How appropriate would it be if the Steelers come back to Tennessee when the money ism on the line and have a chance to stick it up the Titans’ asses?

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