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Favre Done – And I’ve Said It Before

Far From a ‘Fair Weather’ Assessment, Brett All Wrong for Jets


Don’t accuse me of jumping on or off any Brett Favre bandwagon. I’m on record as not being in love with the acquisition of the first ballot Hall of Famer back on August 7. (“Throwing Cold Water on the Favre Parade” – In fact, a week earlier, I was even more harsh in my opinion of Favre while he was still property of the Green Bay Packers and not my beloved Jets. (“Favre Far From Leader of the Pack” –

Now that Favre is showing all of his 39 years and then some, don’t point any fingers at me. I was one of the few that didn’t splurge for a number 4 jersey and wish that number 10 was still in green and not teal. Perhaps it was more of my having no confidence whatsoever in Kellen Clemens and his ineffectiveness. With the Arena Football League now a thing of the past (not officially, but for all intents and purposes), Roger’s namesake will have no place to ply his trade once the Jets come to their senses and let him go in a year or two.

I suppose it was human nature to feel as if my original feelings of Favre may have been wrong when the Jets were riding high at 8-3. But if you follow this team as closely as I, then you know that they were moving the ball more efficiently due to the jelling of the offensive line; the running of Thomas Jones and Leon Washington; and Favre dumping the ball off more and staying away from the dangerous long passes.

Earlier in the season, he was throwing a ton of interceptions and trying too hard to prove that he still had a gun and could thread the needle when needed.

Since the Jets won in Tennessee, they have gone 1-3 and should have lost to Buffalo two weeks ago. Favre has performed horribly of late, with abysmal quarterback ratings of 60.9 against Denver, 60.8 at San Francisco, 61.4 versus Buffalo and a season low 48.7 in the latest 13-3 loss at Seattle.

The silver lining in this is the Jets’ draft pick to be surrendered to Green Bay will not be as high if they fail to make the playoffs. By the time the Jets take the field at the Meadowlands at 4:15, their fate may already be known. Gang Green needs to beat Miami – and Chad Pennington – and have the Patriots lose to Buffalo, which starts at 1:00. Fat chance.

Photo by Bill Menzel

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