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Plaxico Burress Still ‘Gangsta’ After Latest Gun Rap

More Firearms Found in Giant Wideout’s New Jersey Homebr>

Placixo Burress has made so many headlines this season that his latest incident involving guns and the police snuck under the radar. The seizure of weapons, ammunition and bloody clothes subsequent to a search warrant being executed at the soon-to-be former New York Giant’s Totowa, New Jersey home barely cracked the news, which is almost as much of a disgrace as the wide receiver himself.

Actions such as these should be publicized and not looked over just because what Burress did previously was more serious. He cannot walk away from being a controversial figure, even after all his riches and success. Why a man who just went through what he did kept any contraband in his home borders between insanity and stupidity. Put your money on the latter.

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Police walked out of Burress’s mansion with a 9mm handgun, .30-06 rifle with ammunition, a clip for a .45, along with bloody pants and sneakers believed to be worn the night of the shooting.

Authorities were still trying to determine if the weapons were registered or not.

These latest findings can’t help Burress and his legal issues. How someone could continue to act as if he lived in Dodge City during Matt Dillon’s run as Marshall when he has the world by the balls continues to perplex everyone.

The biggest question will be if Burress ever gets back on an NFL field. He definitely does not deserve to, and this latest disregard for the law is merely another example of why.

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