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Paranoid MLB Banning 6-OXO and Halodrol a Joke

What’s Next – No Flintstones Vitamins for America’s Pastime?

Call it a knee-jerk reaction from the entire Mark McGwire/Andro fallout. Anything that can be perceived as more than a multi-vitamin will be scrutinized by a performance-enhancing drug paranoid Major League Baseball. The latest to take the fall are pitchers J.C. Romero and Sergio Mitre, who claimed to have taken nothing stronger than 6-OXO and Halodrol, respectively.

Maybe one or both of them did use something more than what they have claimed. That remains to be seen, especially if what triggered the positive tests can be the result of more than one substance. But on face value, MLB handing down two 50-game suspensions for what has been described as a “trace amount of a substance prohibited under Major League Baseball’s joint drug prevention and treatment program” smells of overkill.

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Both supplements are legally sold over-the-counter in any health food store and have not even attracted much attention in the bodybuilding industry. According to the Ergopharm website, 6-OXO “has become the new gold standard for testosterone elevation” and that it differs from prohormones because it only effects the brain to produce more testosterone instead of containing drugs that target other areas of the body. Another plus pointed out is that 6-OXO does not cause ball-shrinkage or induced liver toxicity, as warned in the text here about prohormones and steroids. Because both are actual side effects from products that really work, a potential 6-OXO buyer really needs to think hard about spending his or her hard-earned cash for this product.

The mainstream media had a field day by pointing out that developer of 6-OXO was none other than Patrick Arnold, he of BALCO fame. Just because the chemist created ‘The clear” and other undetectable steroids in the past does not mean that he is doing the same with his supplements. To insinuate that there is any connection there is totally ludicrous.

Halodrol, which Gaspari Nutrition sells under the familiar-sounding moniker of ‘Halodrol-50,’ is merely another product that promises to be the “best size and strength gaining supplement currently sold that is not outright illegal or over toxic.”

Get one thing straight – the only substances that will work like steroids are steroids. All the supplements and shakes in the world may give you some energy and size, but to expect to look like Arnold after buying a box of one of these pills is pure fantasy.

If Romero and Mitre tried to do the right thing and use supplements to stay in shape and help them at the gym, then their suspensions are uncalled for. These products are not going to enhance one’s performance to the extent that anabolic steroids would. A level playing field is what baseball is looking for, but a good training regiment along with a proper diet and supplementation should be the minimum that a professional athlete does.

Keep in mind that because many of these products will give off a positive test similar to certain steroids, it is a built-in convenient excuse to blame them. If McGwire merely used a then-legal Andro (and it’s label stating that it will test positive for steroids), why did he clam up in front of Congress?

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