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Is Dennis Wolf Overrated?

For a guy that has only one professional title to his name, Dennis Wolf sure has received a lot of attention the past few years. Appearing on multiple magazine covers, “Big Bad” Wolf only has won the 2007 Keystone Pro Classic since earning his pro card in 2005.

He has never competed in the Arnold Classic and has finished as high as fourth in the Mr. Olympia. After Wolf took fifth place in 2007, he was practically anointed as the heir apparent of Jay Cutler’s title. Going into Las Vegas last September, all the chatter was if Wolf could unseat the two-time champion.

Although he crowd was fully behind Wolf, once all the competitors took the stage is was obvious that Wolf would be lucky to make the top six. When is name was announced out of the top three, the sold out Orleans Arena resounded in a loud chorus of boos.

Perhaps it’s the German’s size and the comparisons to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but in reality there is no comparison. Wolf did not appear to be in great condition at the Olympia and looked soft from certain angles.

Wolf intended on competing in the 2009 Arnold Classic, but will have to sit out due to an injury. According to his official website, Wolf will be guest posing in April and May in four different countries, but there are no contests listed.

If Wolf has to wait until September to get on stage again, that will make only three shows in three years. Definitely not enough when you consider that the man who did take Cutler’s championship, Dexter Jackson, competed in four contests during the calendar year of 2008 and won them all.


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