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Jack Swagger Gets His Title Shot on ECW; Plot Thickens

Undefeated Youngster Faces Matt Hardy on Tuesday

Sometimes you get what you wish for, but regret it in the end. That may just be the case this Tuesday on WWE’s ECW when the brash Jack Swagger faces Matt Hardy for the championship. It all fell into place for the undefeated newcomer when on this past week’s show, he defeated Finlay and Hardy survived a non-title match with the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

ECW general manager Teddy Long granted Swagger’s wish and he will get his shot at glory. As far as entertainment purposes go, look for Swagger to either win the belt or come damn close, setting up a long and drawn out war between the two. It makes perfect sense, with no one else in the WWE-offshoot faction being worthy of the throne. Besides John Morrison and The Miz (the ECW Tag Team champions), who else is marketable enough to deserve the championship?

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