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Game Over for Pacman Jones?

Cowboys Cut Troubled Player; More Legal Issues

Call him whatever you want. A ‘thug.’ A ‘criminal.’ I like to say ‘piece of shit,’ because that is exactly what Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has proven himself to be. A wasted talent who threw away what could have been a long and productive career in the NFL.

His latest trouble in a laundry list of criminal behavior is an allegation that the cornerback arranged for another person to shoot at three Atlanta men outside a strip club following a dispute, according to a report on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.” Jones made attempts to dispute the claims and even appeared on CBS with the great James Brown. What transpired bordered on the comical. For those of you out there in my age group, you would have expected to see Alan Funt crash through a false wall and tell Jones, “Smile. You’re on ‘Candid Camera.'” Here’s a bit of their conversation:

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JB: What is it about strip clubs that you can’t stay away?
AJ: I haven’t been to a strip club since that incident. I live and learn, you know, I like the strip clubs.

And more…

JB: Have you shown any remorse?
AJ: I hope so.

Coming from a young man of 25, it is almost understandable that he sounds totally ignorant. He did admit to having an alcohol problem and attended AA, so let’s give him a little credit there. The strange thing is that Jones feels he will be back in the NFL next year and with the Cowboys, too. Jerry Jones, who has to feel burned over this obvious mistake, is out of his mind if he brings back Jones.

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