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Shawn Michaels Defeats John Cena

The Show Stopper Wins His ‘WrestleMania’ – 

The Heartbreak Kid has been on some kind of role of late. Unfortunately, it has been his employer and not him that has gained from all that hard work. In the last few weeks, Shawn Michaels has pinned Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and World Heavyweight champion John Cena following some ‘Sweet Chin Music.’

Michaels has been cleaning house around the WWE much to his own chagrin. He has reluctantly participated in these matches under the demand (and money) of JBL, who hired him for just this reason – to do the dirty work that he himself is incapable of doing. It all comes to a head at the Royal Rumble when JBL gets his title shot and faces Cena – with Michaels in his boss’ corner.

Although the match was of the non-title variety, the victory by Michaels over Cena on this past ‘Monday Night Raw’ was impressive. JBL did interject himself into the match and quite possibly the outcome. At one point while Cena had Michaels in a crossface hold, JBL leaned into the rope ever so slightly towards the outstrecthed of Michaels, who was able to grasp it and force the referee to have Cena break the hold. Then JBL distracted Cena for a moment, who turned around right into Michaels’ second super-kick of the bout, this one enough for the pin.

Michaels called the fight “his WrestleMania” and will not be allowed to participate in the 30-Man Royal Rumble, instead being ordered to stand in JBL’s corner for the title match.

How will this soap opera (“Dallas” reference there) with J.R., I mean JBL, Cena and Michaels end? Figure on HBK to abandon the corner and definitely not get involved in any way to help his boss connive his way to the championship. Cena will FU the Ewing wanna-be, and Michaels will rip up a check right in front of JBL backstage afterwards, of course with the cameras rolling.

Could that mean a reunited Degeneration-X? Triple-H has been awfully quiet on this matter after approaching Michaels a while ago on it.

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