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Just Call Him ‘Fisherman’ Jones

Pacman Tells Softball-Throwing Stephen A. Smith Tales of Being Lakeside


The one-sided Stephen A. Smith brought out another side of Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones that we were unaware of. During a recent interview with ESPN’s resident Johnny Cochran, Jones said that instead of spending time at strip clubs, he has reformed himself and now can be found at the nearest lake holding a fishing pole.

As funny as this sounds, Smith’s agenda should be questioned, as well. For it was the same company that he works for – ESPN – that broke the story that resulted in Jones’ release by the Dallas Cowboys. And to top it off, Smith’s interview appeared before the scheduled “Outside the Lines” segment last Sunday night spelling out the allegations against Jones.

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Jones admitted to being in the strip club on the date in question (which was during his year-long suspension for the strip club shooting in Las Vegas), but has stayed away from them since then. Threatening a lawsuit against ESPN, Jones, along with his lawyer Robert Langford, said that “it takes a couple of weeks for a lawsuit” due to getting the paperwork “and all that stuff in order,” but when it is done, “Some people are going to have to answer.”

Instead of pressing the issue of why there is even talk of a lawsuit and defending his employer’s decision to air the story, Smith did not do so. The actual piece that aired was very informative and included surveillance camera footage. The victim ‘Darian’, who appeared on the show with his identity hidden, was a recently retired Atlanta police officer at the time, and along with a friend, are convinced that as a result of an altercation with Jones in the club.

The case, which occurred on June 18, 2007, remains unsolved because the victims were unable to identify the shooters, who are suspected being part of Jones’ entourage.

If Jones wanted to file a suit against anyone, it would have to be the two victims who are accusing him. But that is not going to happen because after seeing the segment, it is easy to come to the conclusion that Jones and his pals, especially “Slugga” Morris, were directly involved in the shooting. All ESPN did was report what is merely public information and put it together for their viewers. But that was somehow lost on Smith, who – predictably – let Jones off easy with the questions.

It is one’s duty as a journalist to second-guess the person sitting across from him or her when they say something like this – “I’ve always been a family man, anybody that know me,” said Jones. “But I don’t kick it with the same crowd I used to kick it with. I’m more chilled to myself and I’m most of the time I’m relaxing instead of, you know what I mean, going out with the boys. And I’m probably at the lake fishing or something like that.”

That is word for word what Pacman told Smith and there are no typos to fall back on. While not trying to lean on someone too hard when they’re down, Jones doesn’t exactly sound as if he has ever spent a day in college. Oddly enough, when he attended West Virginia, he was named to both the Athletic Coaching Education Major list and Athletic Director’s Academic Honor Roll. After three NCAA seasons, Jones opted to forgo his senior season and entered the 2005 NFL Draft and was chosen sixth overall by Tennessee.

Both Brown and more importantly Smith did Jones no favors by bringing him in front of the camera/microphone. This man sounds more ignorant each time he attempts to explain himself and trying to convince the public that he is a changed man that will remind us of the intro to the “Andy Griffith Show” instead of the clown who outed the act of ‘making it rain’ in a strip club (throwing money up in the air at one of the dancers) should have resulted in Jones being taken to task.

Another surprising thing is that Stephen A. doesn’t make it hard to see where he is coming from. He is constantly bring race into the picture, if it has a place or not. Making a fellow African-American such as Jones look as bad as he did without even trying (which he didn’t have to) would seem to go against his usual grain.

Just goes to show you that Smith cares more about himself and the ratings he would get than his employer’s reputation and a fellow African-American, no matter how many times he stands on his proverbial soap box and shake his fist.

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