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Rams Hire Steve Spagnuolo

Giants Defensive Guru to Take Over in St. Louis; Rex Ryan Next to Jets? – 

According to a report by Adam Schefter, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has been signed to a four-year, $11.5 million contract by the St. Louis Rams. The NFL Network’s super sleuth has been on the pulse of practically every move in football, so you can take this to the bank.

With ‘Spags’ off the market, the New York Jets will in all likelihood choose Rex Ryan as their next head coach. With Baltimore playing tomorrow in the AFC Championship Game, teams cannot hire an employee of another organization, but the Ravens defensive coordinator met with the Jets for five hours recently. Coupled with the fact that Spagnuolo, another favorite to land the Jets job, is headed to St. Louis, Ryan coming to New York looks to be a given.

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Spagnuolo has been one of the ‘hot’ coordinator candidates and rumored to be in line for a number of jobs last offseason and ever since the regular season concluded last month. After being given accolades for his game plan in Super Bowl XLII, it was merely a matter of time before someone tabbed him as their head man.

Spagnuolo going to the Rams may reveal many things. For one, the obvious is that the Jets informed him they were going in a different direction. If they had made an offer to Spagnuolo and he spurned them for the hapless Rams, then that says volumes of what he thinks of the Jets organization.

Everything will fall into place by next month. If Baltimore defeats Pittsburgh and earns a spot in Tampa Bay on February 1, then the Jets have to show some patience before parading out their new man. That is, unless a new available candidate such as John Gruden fits into their plans.

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