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Bucs Chucking Gruden Now a Hatchet Job

Job Search Tougher After Multiple Recent Hirings

If you’re going to get fired from your job as a head coach in the NFL, you would rather your holiday season interrupted than getting the false impression that you’ll be around for draft scouting meetings. The main reason for this is that teams look to make decisions within the first two weeks following the regular season and have either signed someone or conducted multiple interviews to narrow down that decision.

That process has already taken place around the league, and even the teams that haven’t announced their new head coach yet due to his current team still playing have had plenty of time to make up their minds. An example of this is the New York Jets, who are rumored to be ready to announce the hiring of Rex Ryan once the Baltimore Ravens’ season concludes.

What makes the Tampa Bay situation even more puzzling is that they hired from within. A day after canning the man playfully known as ‘Chucky,’ the Bucs introduced Raheem Morris as head coach, less than a month after he was promoted to defensive coordinator after serving two years as the defensive back coach under Gruden.

Whatever happened behind closed doors down in Tampa must have been pretty interesting. This decision seems to have been made hastily and possibly pursuant to a disagreement between Gruden and the Buc hierarchy.

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