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Claiming ADHD the New PED Excuse in Baseball

Players Going to New Lengths to Gain an Advantage

Getting around the rules has become all the rage in the paranoid world of Major League Baseball. The players are looking for an excuse to fall back on as the administration keeps making the banned substance list longer. The latest way around it? According to an Associated Press report, 106 major leaguers have claimed to have ADHD, thus allowing them to take something on the aforementioned list.

That number comes out to 7.86 percent of the players and according to someone who is ‘in the know,’ that is a preposterous amount when compared to the general population. A red flag has definitely been raised, according to the Gary Wadler, the chairman of the committee determining what is on the banned substance list for the World Anti-Doping Agency.

“This is incredible,” said Wadler in the AP report. “This is quite spectacular. There seems to be an epidemic of ADD in major league baseball. I’ve been in private practice for a lot of years. I can count on one hand the number of individuals that have ADD.

“To say that [7.86 percent] of major league baseball players have attention deficit disorder is crying out for an explanation,” continued Wadler. “It is to me as an internist so off the map of my own experience.”

Another stat given in the report that would seem to back up Wadler’s claim is that the National Institute of Mental Health estimates three to five percent of children have ADD.

The report did not state what substance was being allowed by the players claiming to have ADD.

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