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Ham Sandwich & Clemens Grand Jury Similarities

Feds Looking to Nail the Rocket in Nation’s Capitol

Once it is all said and done, an old saying may need to be modified. With a federal grand jury commencing in Washington, D.C. to investigate if Roger Clemens lied under oath when testifying in front of Congress last year, it would seem as if the deck is stacked against the Rocket. “You can indict a ham sandwich in front of a grand jury” may need to be modified with ‘Clemens’ replacing that old lunchtime favorite.

Depending on what side of the fence you stand on, it is still being viewed by the majority that Clemens did in fact use steroids. All the denying by him has been almost comical and the testimony of Kirk Radomski and Brian McNamee will in all likelihood sink Clemens.

Even if the same evidence that we have heard a hundred times is presented, that should still be enough for an open-minded and objective group of people to make a determination. There is the possibility that something new will come up and we will have to wait and see on that one.

If Clemens does find himself indicted and behind the eight ball, Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel P. Butler, who is presenting the case for the prosecution, can treat himself to a Clemens on rye afterwards.

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