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Patrick Arnold – Victim of Feds/Baseball Alliance

Over the years, there have been strange bedfellows. The latest is Major League Baseball and the federal government. Whatever Bud Selig wants, he gets with immediate results. Only a few weeks after Phillies pitcher J.C. Romero claimed that his positive test was caused by using 6-OXO, DEA agents raided the Ergopharm offices. The supplement company also happens to be headed by Patrick Arnold, who gained notoriety from the BALCO/Barry Bonds scandal.

This was an obvious witch-hunt against Arnold that was fostered by MLB and the pull they have in the federal government. Congressional hearings, federal grand juries, pulling supplements off the shelves and making them illegal – these are all indications that baseball has a fair amount of interest in Washington.

This raid was a twin killing for the establishment. They not only bowed down to the Commissioner, but also took down someone who was involved when all of Selig’s trouble began.

Reports stated that the case originated from the Boston offices of the DEA, but the agents from the Chicago office executed the search warrants. Ergopharm’s offices are located in Champaign, Illinois.

Photo by Jim Leary

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