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Jay McGwire – The Seed of Steroids in Baseball?

Jay McGwire, the younger brother of former slugger Mark, is whoring his sordid tome to any and all takers. The former bodybuilder, who is estranged from his brother, has been hawking “The McGwire Family Secret: The Truth About Steroids, a Slugger and Ultimate Redemption,” to publishing companies looking for a quick payday while hiding behind the excuse that he is “bringing the truth to surface about Mark out of love.”

He states that he was the one who introduced his brother Mark to performance-enhancing drugs back in 1994.

Jay, who is the youngest of the three McGwire boys (including Dan, a former Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback), ponders if he by himself started the steroid craze in America’s Pastime. From a transcript that was first reported on, Jay wonders, “Who knows what might have happened if I didn’t get Mark involved with all the training, supplements, the right foods, steroids and HGH. He would not have broken any records and the Congressional Hearings would have gone on without him. Maybe Barry Bonds wouldn’t have ever gotten involved with the stuff, either.

“Mark McGwire might have gone silently into the night long before breaking Roger Maris’ home run record,” Jay continued. “But that’s just not the way it went down, so we’ll never know. But at least I feel better about setting the record straight.”

According to what he says, Mark McGwire began using Deca-Durabolin to help his joint problems, which is one of the positive side effects from the drug. He also allegedly cycled it with HGH. By 1998, he had enough size and Jay switched him to Andro, which is where the real story all began.

Another story Jay tells sounds like a ‘roid rage’ plant about Mark becoming angered with his nephew and “swatted him on the butt.”

At his prime, Jay was a 6′, 320-pound bodybuilder and won the 1994 Contra Costa Bodybuilding championship. That was the same year that he alleges that Mark began using steroids and that Jay was the one who gave him his first injection. This information contradicts what was in Jose Canseco’s “Juiced” book, where the former Oakland Athletic wrote that he used to shoot McGwire up with steroids regularly in the team clubhouse during their ‘Bash Brother’ hey day.

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