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Canseco-Bonaduce Juice Monkey Boxing Match

One is a former All-Star slugger, the other a child television star. Both have admitted to using anabolic steroids and now they are going to see who’s the better man in a boxing ring, of all places.

And just where is this extravaganza taking place? Madison Square Garden? Las Vegas? Atlantic City? No, you have to make your way down to Aston, Pennsylvania to a ‘venue’ that is normally an ice skating rink that can hold up to 2,200. Not enough time to get there in person on Saturday night? Then you’re in luck because they also have it available as an Internet pay-per-view event (

The special guest referee will be Vince “Invincible” Papale, the former Philadelphia Eagle made famous by Mark Wahlberg in a feature film. He won’t have too much work to do in the three, one-minute rounds scheduled.

Both Canseco and Bonaduce have prior ring experience, albeit not all successful. Last July, Canseco was knocked out in the first round against former NFL wide receiver Vai Sikahema, who did have some boxing experience. Bonaduce, who played Danny Partridge, was somewhat more successful in a 2002 celebrity match against Barry Williams, better known as Greg Brady.

The ‘Tale of the Tape’ advantages Canseco, who stands 6’4″ and weighed in at 260 pounds, as opposed to the 5’6″, 180-pound Bonaduce.

His steroid use chronicled in two separate books, Canseco still looks the part and appears to be in good shape. Bonaduce, who was seen using steroids on his reality show “Breaking Bonaduce,” has been outspoken about the benefits from the drugs. Although he is much smaller, he does have decent size to him for a non-athlete.

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