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Doc Gooden Pissed Off at Kirk Radomski?

Although widely known for his inclusion in the Mitchell Report as one of the main suppliers of anabolic steroids in Major League Baseball, Kirk Radomski has brought to light a story that is much more disturbing than anyone taking performance-enhancing drugs.

While working as a clubhouse attendant for the New York Mets (1986-95), he supplied not one, but two urine samples for cokehead pitcher Dwight Gooden. Looked at as a sure future Hall of Famer earlier in his career, ‘Doc’ took the wrong road and failed three drug tests between 1987 and 1994, which subsequently resulted in him being suspended for the 1995 season.

Radomski spoke of the Gooden instances during an interview on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” on Sunday. He also has a tell-all book coming out on Tuesday entitled “Bases Loaded.”

The ESPN report further stated that Gooden would not comment further than text messaging “LOL” after he became aware of Radomski’s account.

Since he has become a public figure, Radomski has stayed away from the media until now. He pled guilty two years ago to distributing steroids and money laundering. For his cooperation, he pled out to a sentence of five years probation and a $18,575 fine. These days, Radomski is the co-owner of an auto shop in St. James on Long Island.

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