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Shane’s Return Means Business

From almost fired to floored. Randy Orton had some night on Monday and, as usual, stole the show. Except on this edition of “Raw,” he literally took it on the chin. Gaining some revenge from the beating Orton threw on his father Vince, Shane McMahon made a triumphant return and cleared the ring. All three members of ‘The Legacy’ were tuned up, especially the brash Orton.

In the McMahon chain of command, where does this leave Shane? He was obviously hell bent on standing up for his father and protecting his sister, Raw general manager Stephanie McMahon.

The last time we saw Shane O, it was on November 24 when he and Stephanie stood toe to toe. Does this attack on Orton mean that everything is on the mend at the McMahon family breakfast table? Only time will tell and in the coming weeks heading up to WrestleMania, things will play themselves out.

One thing is for certain is that the WWE is more interesting with Shane in the picture. The longer he stays and the bigger his role the better.

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