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ShamWow Vince Leads Super Bowl A-List

Seeing a familiar face from the movies or television during the week leading up to America’s “unofficial holiday” is not unusual by any means, even in this year’s scaled down version. Perhaps the most unlikely one on Saturday night in Tampa was none other than Vince from the ShamWow commercials.

Using his ‘star status’ to his advantage, Vince – who is surprisingly tall in person – was able to gain admission to Splitsville, a popular Channelside bar that includes numerous full-sized bowling alleys, without having to wait on the long line out front.

Studio 54 it is not, but Vince is certainly no Andy Warhol, either.

For any ‘fans’ out there of the snake oil salesman, you hopefully will not be disappointed to hear that Vince appeared to have been enjoying in the festivities a bit too much. But what the hell – it’s the Super Bowl, right?

And by bypassing the regular folks, Vince apparently “sold” himself.

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