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Can Jay Cutler Bounce Back?

For a two-time Mr. Olympia winner, Jay Cutler has taken a lot of criticism over the years. Maybe it was because he unseated Ronnie Coleman, who had what was almost like a cult following with his eight straight wins, matching the record of Lee Haney. People said that Cutler was too thick in certain areas to be Mr. O, but that apparently is what the judges were looking for when you factor in the massive Coleman’s run.

Then when Cutler was unseated this past September by Dexter Jackson, the word was that the former champion did not even deserve second place.

There was even some talk before the Olympia that Cutler was possibly leaning towards retirement because he and his wife wanted to start a family. Perhaps if he did win, that may have been the case.

Not resting on his laurels, Cutler is looking to change things up in the hope of improving. According to an article on FlexOnline, he has been using Haney Rambod’s fst-7 training method since the beginning of December.

“I felt I needed change,” Cutler said in the article. “I want to emphasize my weaker bodyparts, and I felt since I was a volume trainer that the 7s would work best for me.”

Rambod plans to meet with Cutler a few times a month and has also trained Phil Heath, who finished third in his initial Olympia competition. Rambod feels that the Cutler and heath can both benefit from training together.

Going by Jackson’s victory, it is possible that the judges may be getting away from that ‘freaky’ or ‘blocky’ look, hence the reason for Cutler to get rounder in certain areas. With the mass that he already possesses, he can cut down slightly and tighten up the spots that have been knocked, such as his back and abdominal area.

If Cutler does in fact find himself in the winner’s circle again, he will become the first person to win back the Sandow after a defeat.

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