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Coke Head Keith Hernandez Shouldn’t Be Throwing Stones

With all due to respect to Keith Hernandez, the first baseman turned announcer has no business commenting on baseball players that have used performance-enhancing drugs. While that may sound unusual, think back for a minute what he has done throughout his career.

It is totally understandable when a former player criticizes someone who enhances their performance by using banned substances, but how does that compare with someone who destroys their performance by using different types of substances, mainly cocaine, alcohol and tobacco?

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During an episode of “SportsNite” on SNY (the network owned by the New York Mets) , Hernandez commented on Alex Rodriguez’s ESPN appearance and said, “I think that A-Rod knew what he was doing. If you look at his teammates over there in Texas, it was a nest of cheaters.”

“Mex,” who played a good portion of his career for the Mets and is currently one of the team’s television announcers, then speculated if he would have had a plaque in Cooperstown if he had used steroids.

“I was 191 pounds my rookie year,” he said. “If I had ingested steroids, I would have been close to 230 pounds. Now how much better would that have made me, 230 pounds without any body fat? And how many more home runs would I have hit?

“I hit 164 home runs,” continued Hernandez, who in addition to being a wonderful player has been lauded for his broadcast booth savvy in his second career. “I probably would have hit over 250. I drove in 1,100 runs. I probably would have drove in 1,400. And I think that, along with 11 Gold Gloves, I’d be in the Hall of Fame.”

Sorry to break it to you, Keith, but using steroids by themselves won’t make a difference. You have to commit to a workout program, proper diet and plenty of quality rest. That wouldn’t have mixed too well with all the partying that Hernandez was famous for during his playing days.

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A star during his tenure in St. Louis (which included a co-National League MVP Award with Willie Stargell in 1979 and being part of the 1982 World Series championship team), he was dealt to the Mets on June 15, 1983 amidst much speculation of cocaine use. That all came to fruition when Hernandez and other players were called to testify at the 1985 trial of a Pittsburgh drug dealer named Curtis Strong.

During the 1986 World Series, Hernandez was seen on television smoking cigarettes in the dugout and became part of baseball folklore when he left the dugout with two outs in the ninth inning of Game Six and went into manager Davey Johnson’s office to drink a Budweiser. He was watching the game on a television while the Mets made their miracle comeback, most likely reaching into the refrigerator more than once.

If Hernandez had used steroids during this period of his life, it would have done nothing more than shut down his already affected liver. His bodyweight and stats would not have improved as he speculated, but there was a way that he could have performed a hell of a lot better. No, I’m not insinuating that he should have used something else, but he could have stayed away from coke, booze and butts.

Although he may be in a different ‘glass house’ than A-Rod and Barry Bonds, Hernandez has some pair of stones to start throwing them around.

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