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Three Cheers for the SI Swimsuit Issue

The swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated over the years has always made sure that not only are the pictures nice to look at, but the stories and the people picked come from so many different places. Yes, we have the super models that live and breathe these types of opportunities but also there are the pictures of those who are in the spotlight in other ways but deserve just as much to be in the swimsuit edition.

Taylor Walker, a native of Long Island and also the daughter of former Jets wide receiver Wesley Walker, is one of those people. Currently a captain for the New Jersey Nets Dancers, she is one of 10 NBA dancers chosen to appear in the photo shoot. Although many think the magazine photos are not always done in good taste, the pictures of Ms. Walker are very classy.

Walker currently resides in Dix Hills, NY and is presently attending Hoftsra University to obtain her Masters Degree in Physical Education. Congratulations to Walker for a job well done and continued success on the New Jersey Nets dance team.

Click here to see more pictures of Taylor. (Photo courtesy of

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