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HHH, Edge Survive Elimination Chamber Matches

Figure on Edge to find out a way to win a title even after he was the first eliminated. In WWE’s “No Way Out” pay per view special on Sunday night, both titles changed hands under abnormal circumstances. In the ‘SmackDown’ portion of the Elimination Chamber matches, Edge was dispatched in less than five minutes by Jeff Hardy. The Undertaker pinned Vladimir Kozlov and Hardy while HHH took care of the Big Show. HHH came out on top and regained the WWF Championship.

The ‘Raw’ match-up had a surprising change before it even got under way. Kofi Kingston was assaulted backstage by Edge, who substituted himself for the high-flying Jamaican. Rey Mysterio, Jr. pinned the Big Red Machine Kane and Chris Jericho eliminated Mike Knox. The World Champion John Cena may have joined into the fray late, but was knocked out fairly quickly with a triple-team effort by Jericho, Mysterio and Edge, who got the pin. Jericho was the next to go and that left the masked one and Edge, who finally out away Mysterio with a spear. 

In the ‘No Holds Barred’ match between Randy Orton and Shane McMahon, the Legend Killer came out on top and of course elicited help from his two stooges, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr. 

Shawn Michaels has had a tough go of it of late dealing with his hated boss, JBL, but was able to leave the building with a smile in the ‘All or Nothing’ match. The Showstopper gave the Longhorn Loudmouth some sweet chin music and pinned him in the center of the ring. 

Jack Swagger was able to retain his ECW championship with a victory over Finlay.

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