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A-Rod, Presinal & Sucart – The 3 Juice-kateers

The story unfolds more each day, much to the chagrin of Alex Rodriguez. “Amateur Hour” now includes not only the star third baseman and his now-named cousin, but also a steroid-linked trainer that has been banned from a number of major league clubhouses since 2001.

According to a report in Friday’s New York Daily News, trainer Angel Presinal, described as an “unsavory character,” has been associated with Rodriguez since 2001 and as late as 2007, when he won the American League MVP Award. The anonymous source in the article stated that Presinal accompanied Rodriguez for that entire season, even on the road, where the trainer would stay at the same hotel as A-Rod but share a room with Yuri Sucrat, who has been identified as the mysterious cousin that Rodriguez threw under the bus during his press conference on Tuesday.

Presinal’s name has been associated with sluggers suspected of steroid use in the past, and he even was mentioned in the Mitchell Report. In 2001, the trainer was involved in an incident at a Toronto airport when he was carrying a bag containing five amps of steroids, and an unidentified amount of clenbuterol and hypodermic needles. Presinal told the Canadian Border Service Agency that the bag belonged to Juan Gonzalez, who played for the Cleveland Indians at the time.

According to the source, Presinal was not around Rodriguez last season, but Sucrat, described as Rodriguez’s driver, and is with him “everyday.”

Major League Baseball warned it’s players to stay away from Presinal following the Toronto incident and the league began monitoring the trainer’s relationship with players since then. By Rodriguez using Sucrat essentially as a middleman, he was able to avoid any scrutiny. ESPN reported that Rodriguez might face discipline from the league if his contact with Presinal can be proven.

Presinal runs a gym in Santo Domingo named Palacio del los Deportes (The Sports Palace).

Another revelation came out today when Dr. Pia Veras, who oversees the agency that regulates pharmaceutical drugs in the Dominican Republic, told that Primobolan is not and has not been legal for sale, over-the-counter or even with a prescription. Testosterone, on the other hand, can be had with ease.

What does that all mean? Absolutely nothing, because you can get Primo through any underground source and the entire cousin scenario seems to have blown up in A-Rod’s face, anyway. Presinal was his source and will no doubt be squeezed by federal investigators if he is stupid enough to come back to America. Sucrat, on the other hand, better get a good lawyer.

Photo by Bill Menzel

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