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MSM to Report Live From the Arnold Classic

MuscleSport Mag will be bringing you all the action from the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic all weekend long. We’re flying out to Columbus, Ohio on Thursday and will be on the scene at the Expo and the Veterans Memorial to cover all the action from the professional and amateur competitions.

Of course, the highlight of the event are the top pro events in both classes. The Ms. International and Arnold Classic are both to surely rock the auditorium on Friday and Saturday evenings, respectively. Only going to the Expo? Well, if you’ve never been there before, get ready to walk through incredibly crowded aisles full of booths giving out free samples of all your favorite bodybuilding supplements. Make sure to leave room in your luggage for the return flight home – you’ll need it.

You may also need a neckbrace after spinning your head around with all the ‘eye candy’ present.

Be sure to check in all weekend long with us for the ‘Arnold Classic Diary.’

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