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Enter the Kai Greene Era

Throughout the history of bodybuilding, there have been a few select men and who have dominated their class. Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger is and always will be the benchmark for all to follow, but on Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio there may have been another name added to that short list.

Brooklyn born Kai Greene not only won the 2009 Arnold Classic, but did so in stunning fashion. Out of action since last year’s New York Pro Show victory due to a groin injury, Greene put on a display with his posing routine that words cannot fully describe. For a sport that has lost a special quality with decades of sub-par posing, Greene is a refreshing change and may have set the bar that others will never reach. His flexibility, acrobatics and headstands are not easy to do for a gymnast, let alone a bodybuilder of that size. 

“The Predator” beat out a tough field that included two others coming back from their own injuries. Victor Martinez finished in second and Branch Warren third, but neither came close to Greene, who also took home the Best Posing Routine Award, not much of a decision there. He could have made it a clean sweep, but Warren won the Most Muscular trophy.

When Schwarzenegger came on stage to present Greene with the trophy, he said, “I told you backstage that you are the best poser I ever saw,” and that is coming from a man that trained with the legendary Ed Corney and competed against not only Corney, but also Frank Zane, who are considered the two best posers of all time. Greene was so overcome with emotion, he was at a loss for words. “I don’t really know what to say. I’d like to thank everyone that believed in me, especially my family back in New York.”

Greene’s back and legs were outstanding and he did not appear to have any flaws coming back from the long layoff. He was very emotional on stage and backstage, giving a lot of credit to his trainer. The two shared a long hug in the Brehm Pump Up room when Greene met right after the newly crowned champion left the stage. 

With the Mr. Olympia not too far off, it isn’t too far fetched to pick Greene as the next winner of the Sandow. With last year’s winner Dexter Jackson, former two-time champion Jay Cutler and Phil Heath (2008 third place) in his way, it will not be easy. But if Greene even put on half the performance he did in Ohio, there will be a new Mr. Olympia crowned come September. 

Greene may be able to dominate a sport that is ripe for a new championship run. He has taken bodybuilding to another level and should be able to continue his winning ways.

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