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Ladies Night on Friday at the Arnold Classic

Chivalry is certainly not dead in Columbus, Ohio. ‘Ladies First’ was the theme of the evening on Friday at the Veterans Memorial with three women’s championships decided.  Only in one, Ms. Figure International, there was a first-time winner. Iris Kyle won her fourth Ms. International and Jennifer Hendershott took home her second Ms. Fitness. Zivlie Raudoniene barely edged out Gina Aliotti, last year’s Ms. Figure winner, by two points.

In the women’s bodybuilding, the crowd did not agree with the judges decision as far as some of the placng in the top six went. It was hard to argue with Kyle gaining the win, but both Heather Ambrust (fourth) and Dayana Cadeau (fifth) received what could only be described as surprised reactions from the fans when their names were called. 

It was hard to tell the difference between Hendershott’s routine and when her name was called as the winner. The energetic blonde, who also won the competition in 2005, reacted so emphatically and was definitely a fan favorite. 

Originally from Lithuania but now a resident of Hicksville, New York, Raudioniene was stunningly beautiful and made an improvement from her third place finish at the 2008 Figure Olympia.

Dena Westerfield, who was our guest this past week on MuscleSport Radio, finished in ninth place in the Ms. International. She looked smooth during her posing routine in her first foray in Columbus, and a top 10 placing is quite an accomplishment.

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