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Armand Tanny’s Passing Truly a Great Loss

Losing one great name in the sport of bodybuilding recently was more than enough, but to add a second makes it all the sadder. On the heels of Irvin “Zabo” Koszewski passing away, we learned that Armand Tanny followed. The former Muscle Beach mainstay was 90.

The younger brother of Vic Tanny – who went on to become one of the pioneers of the gym industry – Armand won the 1949 Pro Mr. America and 1950 Mr. USA titles. He came to the forefront in “Strength & Health” magazine at the young age of 14.

The Rochester, New York native broke in to the business as a weightlifter, as many of the old-time bodybuilders did. He competed in that field as a teenager and placed second in the 1941 Junior nationals in Ohio. As many young men of the era did, Tanny joined the military when the United States became involved in World War II and he suffered a knee injury. 

Once back home, he turned to bodybuilding and could either be found at Muscle Beach or his brothers gym in Santa Monica. Tanny was also part of the Mae West traveling nightclub act, a group of which Zabo was also a part of.

Tanny delved into a brief acting career and also tried his hand at professional wrestling in the 1950s. He also joined the Joe Weider crew and was a writer for Muscle Power (the precursor of Muscle & Fitness) magazine.

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