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MuscleSport Mag on Fox Sports Radio This Sunday

On Sunday May 3 at 2:05 PM Eastern time, Joe Pietaro, Founding Editor of MuscleSport Mag, will be on Fox Sports Radio as a guest on the Brian Webber and Derek Deese show. Don’t expect a lot of cordial greetings and mutual respect amongst sports broadcasting brethren.

This invitation from the Fox crew came as a result of an article written by Pietaro that appeared on MuscleSport Mag back on February 15.


What was requested by Fox was Pietaro, representing MuscleSport Mag, to appear on the show to engage in a “lively debate” on the two host’s steroid knowledge, which was questioned in the previous article. At that time, they were discussing the Alex Rodriguez situation and Webber mistakenly stated that the use of anabolic steroids caused the deaths of Lyle Alzado, Ken Caminiti and Chris Benoit.

As has been proven and stated time and time again, that cannot be further from the truth. Alzado died of a brain tumor; Caminiti – who was three years removed from his playing days and for all intents and purposes a stoned cold junkie – overdosed from a combination of cocaine and opiates; and Benoit was being treated for a mental disorder, was suffering from previous head injuries that caused dimentia and it has been reported that the rumored “roid rage” could not have been the case with the crimes occurring over a three-day period.

Regardless if you are pro or con as far as steroids go, having the facts straight and being responsible in doing so as a journalist is the least to expect when you listen to the radio, watch television, or read a newspaper, magazine or website. That is not too much to ask for and the staff at MuscleSport Mag – if you agree with us or not – have always brought a level of honesty and integrity to our website and radio show.

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