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Manny Just Being Manny by Using Steroids, PCT

So the cat is out of the bag. Manny Ramirez was using performance-enhancing drugs. Of course the Dodger slugger is going to deny it and play dumb, having already pulled out his doctor’s note. But anyone with even the slightest steroid knowledge – ie:) definitely not the mainstream sports media, such as Brian Webber and Derek Deese of Fox Sports Radio – can see right through the thin veil excuse that Ramirez has begun to lay out there.

If you are at the level of using hCG, especially after heightened levels of testosterone has shown up in previous tests, then you are certainly not a beginner or just happened to take something by accident. Ask anyone associated with bodybuilding about PCT (Post Cycle Therapy, in case Webber or Deese happen to be reading this) and they will tell you that it is an essential part of the cycle to prevent the drastic ‘downfall’ that can follow, and to trick the male body to produce its own testosterone again after ingesting an amount of the synthetic version. That plus to prevent ‘ball shrinkage,’ which does not need to be explained.

It is also kind of ironic that the news of Ramirez being suspended for 50 games comes the day before Alex Rodriguez is scheduled to make his comeback with the Yankees following hip surgery performed during Spring Training. 

Photo by Bill Menzel

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