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The Million Dollar Dream

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase has a new match to win.

By William J. Bruce III – In the world of professional wrestling, a world in which World Wrestling Entertainment holds many attendance records, including the indoor world attendance record of 93,000 people at the Pontiac Silver Dome, there are several names that have become legend. One of those names is Ted DiBiase the “Million Dollar Man”.

Ted DiBiase the “Million Dollar Man” of WWE is not down for the count. Unlike Mickey Rourke’s character in the movie “The Wrestler”, Ted is not a washed up wrestler. Once grappling guys like Hulk Hogan, Brett Hart and others in stadiums and arenas around the world he is now speaking about Christ in some of these same places to the youth and men of today.

In his youth Ted grew up watching wrestling first hand as the son of Iron Mike DiBiase, until the tragic “in the ring death” of Ted’s father changed his life forever.  Ted’s mother turned to alcohol over night and relocated to Willcox, Arizona.  It was here that Ted had big dreams of becoming a wrestler but was constrained to the restrictions of a small town.

Over time Ted was given the opportunity to wrestle as the ultimate villain of the World Wrestling Federation (now known as World Wrestling Entertainment) where he would make a name for himself for buying the championship belt off of Hulk Hogan, and proving that everyone could be bought with a price.

Ted would offer money to people at the show to come up and do such humiliating things as to come and kiss his foot for a hundred dollars.

What Ted didn’t know then was that Christ too had a price for the “Million Dollar Man”.  After a call to his wife; Ted found himself in the position of losing her, you see Ted was caught in adultery and his life was now in a giant tail spin.

Fearing the loss of his wife Ted called out to God.  Melanie; (Ted’s wife) in an effort to show the love of Christ decided to give Ted that chance.  It was then that Ted would realize that God had a price for the “Million Dollar Man”, and that price was Christ’s death on the cross, an act of humiliation that Ted could never put a price on.

I have had the privilege of getting to know Ted over the last couple of years as his booking agent and publicist though Willowcreek Marketing.  I will never forget a comment that I once heard him relate about the difference of knowing God or knowing about God; “a lot of people remember my last match, they can remember what I wore, what moves I made and who won, they know everything about me, but they don’t know me.  In many ways that is how we as Christians are, we know everything about God…but we don’t know Him”.

Ted is now a keynote speaker for Promise Keepers Canada; in addition he has also authored two books since retirement, as well he has released a full length DVD of his testimony which can be purchased at his site:

Ted is traveling the globe making appearances at autograph signings, wrestling events, speaking at churches about his faith in Christ and imparting messages to students in schools to stay away from drugs, and pursue your dreams.

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