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Is Netherlands Bodybuilding Drug Testing the Wave of the Future?

By now the story has made the rounds through the newspapers and websites worldwide and the bodybuilding community appears to be the only one taking it in stride. The mainstream media has reported the Netherlands doping test incident as if it were a badge of honor and the slanted way in which the story was presented gives it the “we told you so” feel.

However, the more important aspect of this is not that what would have been an interesting competition was interrupted before it could get started but that this may set a precedent for future bodybuilding contests. Will the anti-doping officials on a crusade to clean up everything from baseball clubhouses to the vitamin store shelves, it seems to be only a matter of time before professional bodybuilding is in their cross hairs.

What would be the result if doping officials showed up backstage at the Arnold Classic or Mr. Olympia? It would send shockwaves through the entire industry and change it forever – for good and bad. In the eyes of anyone not directly associated with the sport, it would seem to be a step in the right direction and the first hurdle in cleaning up one of the “tainted” areas of athletics.

But the other side of the argument would be that it would destroy bodybuilding as we know it and in effect take down a multi-billion dollar supplement industry in the long run. Over regulating by the multi agencies has been the case of late and they have been going after every facet of the fitness world – and not just illegal substances such as anabolic steroids.

That is what makes this Dutch “raid” such a farce. What exactly were they looking to prove? It wasn’t as if they solved the crime of the century by having bodybuilders choose to not submit to a drug screening.

I hope they were happy with themselves.

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