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Muscular Development Block Party a Huge Hit

It is not every day when you can pull off a party that includes professional bodybuilders, representatives from all the top supplement companies, nearly the entire Muscular Development staff and a huge contingent of their message board members. But then Saturday, May 30 wasn’t just any other day.

Called the MD Block Party, Bob Bonham’s Strong and Shapely Gym was transformed into a mini-expo and barbeque. Turkey burgers and turkey hot dogs were on the grill in the parking lot all day long and the line to get some grub was omnipresent.

It was a double-celebration with the mecca of the Garden State celebrating its 25th anniversary.

‘The Ramblin’ Freak’ himself, Gregg Valentino, was all over the place and conducted a boatload of interviews with what seemed like everyone there. He also was the host of a seminar with  a panel of Lee Priest, Guy Cisternino, Eugene Mishin and rapper Mellie Mel, who sported some nice guns and takes his training as serious as his music.

In the photo, MuscleSport Mag Founding Editor with Gregg Valentino. – Part One of the Video…view/2071/225/ – Part Two of the Video

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