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Maria Penteado – The Queen of New York

Talk about prolonging your peak for two months. Back on April 11, Maria-Rita Penteado ran away with the female bodybuilding open class at the New York Metropolitan Championship. The gorgeous blonde was tight and proportioned and looked, from an outsider’s point of view, the best she has ever been.

Fast forward to May 6 at the Atlantic States and Penteado strolled onto the same stage at BMCC looking even better. She took the lightweight division and then had to go head-to-head with Andrea Giacomi and Charlene Maschette, the winners of the heavyweight and middleweight divisions, respectively.

Even giving away some size, Penteado was the clear cut winner and showed a good deal of stage presence, flair and personality. Couple that with her sheer beauty and it will not be too long before she is knocking on the door for her pro card. She will need to add some mass to her physique to get to that level and become a favorite, but hopefully she will not take it too far and lose some of the positive attributes that she brings to the sport right now.


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