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Taylor Boyd Shined at Bill Grant Classic

At the 2008 Bill Grant Classic, the weather was not what you would call perfect for an outdoor event. The rains came and poured down on the assembled crowd but it did not damper their enthusiasm, especially when one of the guest posers took the stage.

Taylor Boyd looks like a mixture between a heel professional wrestler and the guy chasing teenagers through the woods in a slasher movie. The 6’3″, 300-pound New Jersey native put on a show with make-up and costume props. The NPC competitor has three contest wins so far in his young career, the last being the 2008 NPC New Jersey Suburban in the super heavyweight division.

It came as no surprise when Boyd said that his favorite body part to train were his 31-inch legs. “During them (leg workouts), you get so much overall muscle growth it’s incredible,” he said on his official website, The mass monster further stated that he doesn’t change things up too much when it comes time to get ready for a show.

“My training style is heavy compound movements for offseason and contest prep.”

He does drop down to approximately 260 pounds for a competition, still nothing to sneeze at. In an era of bodybuilding where freaky size is the ‘in’ thing, Boyd fits the bill and surely made an impression in Pennsylvania last summer.

This is part of an exclusive series by MuscleSport Mag on the 2009 NPC Bill Grant Classic, for which we are one of the show’s official sponsors. The show will take place on Saturday July 18 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


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