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NPC Empire States Spotlight: Jason Arntz

The young men and women competing at the 2009 NPC Empire States have enough on their minds. Their physique, tan and posing routine are paramount, of course, but they should make a point of peeking through the side certain when the guest posers take to the stage.

One of those deserving of a look is Jason Arntz, the 37-year-old Garden State resident. Since turning pro in 1998, he has found the road to be a rough one at the highest of levels in the sport of bodybuilding. Persistence pays off and Arntz has placed in the top six in his last four shows.

He finished in third place at the 2008 IFBB New York Pro 202 and fourth at the 202 Olympia. This year, he has a third place (2009 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro) and fifth place finish (2009 New York Pro).


When he gets in front of the crowd on July 18, it will be a good gauge to see how far along Arntz is in his Olympia preparation. He has the full summer to get ready for Las Vegas and has given no indication that he may be slowing down as he gets closer to 40.

This is part of an exclusive series by MuscleSport Mag on the 2009 NPC Empire States for which we are one of the show’s official sponsors. The show will take place on Saturday, July 18 in Suffern, New York.




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