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Romanowski’s Nutrition53 Supplements Goes All the Way

Bill Romanowski played in the NFL for 16 years and ‘brought it’ every single Sunday. This guy treated every down as if it were the defensive stop to win the Super Bowl and used his warrior mentality in preparation to play the greatest sport on Earth. He treated two-a-day practice reps in July the same as the AFC Championship Game and was always a step ahead of the competition – on the gridiron and in the gym.

A leopard (or Bronco) can never change his stripes and Romo is still at it, even though he hung up the shoulder pads and helmet a few years ago. He is a perfectionist and that has translated into his supplement line, Nutrition53.

We here at MuscleSport Mag were more than eager to try his line of products after he told us all about them as a special guest on a recent episode of MuscleSport Radio. Neuro1 is exactly what was described. It was definitely a great tool when taken before a morning workout and is a much better ‘pick me up’ than a cup of coffee. A bunch of flavors to choose from, but Orange Cream was our favorite.


When looking for a mid-day shake as a meal replacement, you couldn’t do better than Lean1. Great source of protein, Omega-3’s, fiber and more, this product also came in a ‘can’t lose’ choice of flavors. Cookies and Cream stood out of the pack.

Lastly, Sleep1 was a unique supplement that helps in the most overlooked aspect of a healthy lifestyle. All the working out and proper dieting will run its course if you don’t get enough quality rest. Enough hours in the sack without tossing and turning will do wonders for you the next day and Romo has made sure to put together ZZZ’s in a pill form that will ensure that will happen.

For a different brand of supplements that do  more than your average amino acid pill or protein powder, be sure to check out Romo’s line at Special thanks to Bill and Executive Assistant Kristine Manlapaz for all their help.

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