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NPC Bill Grant Spotlight: Doug Beadle

Come this time next week, the latest installment of the NPC Bill Grant Classic will be behind us. For the fourth consecutive summer, the legendary bodybuilder will have brought a little bit of that good old fashioned outdoor bodybuilding contest that was the norm in California over to Pennsylvania.

Last time around, Doug Beadle of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was named the Men’s Open Heavyweight and Overall Winner. The last time we saw him on stage, Beadle finished ninth in the Light Heavyweight division at the 2007 Atlantic States. Prior to that, he was victorious at the 2001 NPC Northeast and at the 2001 Junior USA Championships Beadle finished 11th.


By competing again at 38 and gaining another victory, Beadle proved that staying the course can pay dividends in the end.

The Men’s Open results from last year’s Bill Grant Classic:


1- Doug Beadle

2- George Reels

3- Alex Frekey

4- Greg Borzilleri


1- Welton Darmacemo

2- Jody Crouse

3- Dave Englehardt

4- Jamie Rivera

5- Ken Soucy

6- Todd Smith

7- John Vinkovics



1- Luis Gomez

2- Michael Bricker

3- Harry Petaccio

4- Brett Giandomenico

5- Michael Jon Luciano


1- John Conte

2- Jose Troche


This is part of an exclusive series by MuscleSport Mag on the 2009 NPC Bill Grant Classic, for which we are one of the show’s official sponsors. The show will take place on Saturday, July 18 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


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