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NPC Empire States Winner Craig Torres Springboards Into the USAs

Competing as a bodybuilder for over two decades, Craig Torres has seen a lot of others come and go. Some have moved on to bigger and better things in the sport while others have faded away. All along, the Stoneham, Massachusetts native has persevered.

On July 18, the 39-year-old took home the Light heavyweight and Overall titles at the 2009 NPC Empire States and hopes that will point him in the right direction a week later at the USAs. “It was a lot of good guys, good conditioned guys,” Torres said backstage while happily clutching one of his trophies. “I was using this as a gauge to see if I was going to stay as a light heavyweight or drop down to middleweight for my next show.


“A lot of these guys had great condition,” continued Torres. “They gave me a lot of compliments on my size so maybe I’m not bad for a light heavyweight, especially winning a show of this caliber and at this level in New York, one of the great states in bodybuilding”

Torres weighed in at the Empire States at 190 pounds, but figures to drop down a few the following week. “I don’t believe that I’ll be able to hold that weight at the USAs,” he said. “Those guys are going to be in top shape and at the top of their class. To be able to place in the top 15 – the top rankings – I’m going to have to ┬ádrop at least five more pounds and come in at 185 pounds crisp.”


Earlier in the year, Torres’s bodyweight was up to 210 pounds and he felt comfortable not going over that amount. “The heaviest that I’ve ever been is 225, but I didn’t want to gain all that weight and then have to lose it.”


With a top 10 finish in a past Nationals show, Torres has the experience and knows what it takes to make a good showing on stage.


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