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Mark Alvisi Should Leave USAs With IFBB Pro Card

The prejudging is complete and from the way everything seemed to shape up, it appears that Mark Alvisi should be one of the three men to leave Las Vegas with a much-deserved IFBB pro card. He will face stiff competition from Lee Banks, who has beaten him in the past.

Perusing the photos from this morning, it appears that Alvisi is leaner and actually was able to perform a modified vacuum pose, something we have not seen much in this ‘bigger is better’ world that bodybuilding has taken of late. Now it wasn’t the Frank Zane classic pose, but he did have the ability to suck in his abs while Banks appeared bloated in the mid-section in comparison to his fellow competitor.


Alvisi’s pecs did appear a bit peculiar when he hit certain shots (a front double bicep, for example) and hopefully the judges will not hold that against him. His outer chest did not hold all of the fullness that his inner pecs did and there was a clear separation there.


Even with that said, the Delray Beach, Florida resident still has enough in his total package to finish high. A year ago at the USAs, Alvisi finished in fourth place. His best career win so far came at the 2007 Arnold Classic Amateur.


With the attention that he has been getting recently in Muscular Development magazine, Alvisi’s confidence level has to be up and that in itself can be just the advantage he needs to find himself in the winner’s circle on Saturday night.


Competition History

Year Event Division Results

2008 NPC USA Heavy Weight 4th
2007 Arnold Classic Amateur Heavy Weight 1st
2006 NPC Southern States Light Heavy 2nd
2003 NPC Southern States Light Heavy 2nd
2002 Super Body World Championships Overall 1st
2001 NABF Pro American Nationals Overall 1st
2001 NABF Florida State Overall 1st

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