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How Will Victor Martinez’s Personal Tragedy Affect His Olympia Showing?

It is difficult to imagine what Victor Martinez has gone through recently. To have one of your siblings go missing and then found to be the victim of a heinous crime is enough for anyone to accept. The emotional highs and lows during the time frame before Eridania Rodriguez’s body was positively identified must have been torturous and things will only get more painful as the charges and possible trial of the perpetrator begin to take place. Martinez, 38, was also the family member who identified his sister’s body at the medical examiner’s office.

This would be a trying time for anyone, let alone a professional bodybuilder preparing for the most prestigious contest of the year. Although no one wants mention it during this period of mourning, but sooner or later the subject will have to come up on just how much of an impact this will have on Martinez.


As it was, the Dominican Dominator was still making strides in his comeback from a serious injury. After having to sit out the 2008 Mr. Olympia, Martinez finished as the runner-up to Kai Greene at the Arnold Classic in March. Although he did look impressive, Martinez did have some weaknesses that needed to be addressed if he expects to have a legitimate shot at winning the Sandow.

How much this tragic series of events affect Martinez remains to be seen. He has no doubt missed some time from the gym – and understandably so – which can make a difference down the road. He also went through with the grand opening of his New Jersey restaurant, the Muscle Maker Grill, approximately a week after the murder.


Being busy may be the best remedy for some people during tough times. But exactly how long Martinez can put his nose to the grindstone and put this past him is going to be one of the most incredible feats if he can pull it off. He intends on training twice a day, six days per week in preparation for the Olympia.

If his past in any indication, Martinez will be able to turn this around and use it as an incentive. When his mother passed away shortly before the 2007 Olympia, Martinez kept his concentration and finished as Jay Cutler’s runner-up, a decision that many said could have easily gone the other way.


It would be the perfect Hollywood ending if Martinez could capture the Sandow and dedicate it to his sister. Counting him out would be foolish, especially for his competition. Yes, he may have had a major interruption during a pivotal period before the contest, but Martinez is one tough out and will be able to get himself ready regardless of the circumstances.


2001 Night of the Champions – 8th Place

2002 Iron Man Pro – 9th Place

2002 Arnold Classic – 13th Place

2003 Night of the Champions – 1st Place

2004 GNC Show of Strength – 1st Place

2004 Mr. Olympia – 9th Place

2005 Arnold Classic – 7th Place


2005 San Francisco Pro – 5th Place

2005 New York Pro – 3rd Place

2005 Mr. Olympia – 5th Place

2006 Arnold Classic – 3rd Place

2006 Mr. Olympia – 3rd Place

2007 Arnold Classic – 1st Place

2007 Mr. Olympia – 2nd Place

2009 Arnold Classic – 2nd Place



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