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Strength, Inc. Selectorized Cable Crossover

Whether you’re adding to your home gym or fitness center, you need the right equipment that is going to take a pounding and last. There’s nothing worse than strolling over to a machine ready to do your three sets and seeing it out of service.

That isn’t a concern when you purchase quality instead of something from Sam Sam the Discount Man. The guys over at Strength, Inc. know their business and their equipment is ready for everything from ‘racking it’ to super sets.

One of the staples of every gym big and small is the cable crossover machine. If you’re hitting your pecs, tris, bis, shoulders, back, abs or even hamstrings, you know this piece of equipment all too well. Hundreds of reps performed over the years on the cables are merely part of the program so why not set yourself up with one that is going to do the job the right way and last?


Check out some of these details:

*Walk-through design

*3″ square tubing

*Ball bearing swivel pulleys

*Ball bearing cable pulleys

*200-pound composite steel stack per side for 100-pounds of resistance in 5-pound increments


*Adjustable front column swivel pulleys

*New design takes up less room  (96″ width X 36″ depth X 80″ height)

*The 96″ width allows you to put a flat bench in the middle and pull direct from the side for cable chest flyes instead of from over the shoulders as in the new narrow versions that are on the market today

*Powder coated in your choice of colors

*Comes with one pair os stirrup handles, one v-shaped tricep pushdown handle and one campered cable bicep curl handle.


For more information on this item and the rest of Strength, Inc’s catalog, please visit their official website,

Cablecrossover flyer

Unique Heavy Duty Hardcore Equipment – Strength, Inc.


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