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Mr. & Mrs. Jones Beach USA Contest is Here

After a year in the making, the second annual Mr. & Mrs. Jones Beach USA contest is here. On Sunday, August 9, Long Island will become Muscle Beach East. Two legendary men in the sport of bodybuilding – Dan Lurie and Steve Michalik – will be bringing fans a show that they can call their own.

Admission is free. Prejudging will begin at 10:00 AM and the finals kick off at 1:00 PM. The official website is The classes are as follows:


*Men’s Bodybuidling: Lightweight (165.25 pounds and less), Middleweight (165.5 pounds to 176.25 pounds), Light Heavyweight (176.5 pounds to 198.25 pounds), Heavyweight (198.5 pounds and over)

Men’s Masters Bodybuilding: 40+, 50+, 60+

Men’s Teenage Bodybuilding: 17 to 19 years old

Women’s Bodybuilding: Lightweight (119 pounds and less), Heavyweight (119.25 pounds and over)

Women’s Masters Bodybuilding: 40+

Women’s Bikini



*Men’s trophies for 1st five places in each class and overall

*Women’s trophies for 1st five places in each class and overall

*Masters trophies for 1st five places in each class and overall

*Beach Body trophies for 1st three places

*Best Poser Award

*Most Muscular Award

MANDATORY POSES: Front Double Bicep, Lat Spread (front), Side Chest (side of choice), Rear Double Bicep, Lat Spread (rear), Side Triceps (side of choice), Abs and Thighs, Most Muscular (men only)




Teenage, Masters Men (Over 40), Masters Women (Over 40), Masters Men (Over 50), Masters men (Over 60), Women’s Bodybuilding (lightweight, heavyweight), Women’s Bikini, Men’s Bodybuilding (lightweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight)


Teenage, Masters Men, Masters Women, Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Bikini, Best Poser Award, Most Muscular Award, Men’s Bodybuilding, Audience participation Award (Best Back, Bast Arms, Best Legs)



Mr. Jones Beach – Steven Pecora (Overall, Tall and 40+ Champion)

Mrs. Jones Beach – Glenda Bozett (Women’s Overall)

Mr. Grand Master Jones Beach – Alan Feldman (50+ Champion)

Miss Swimsuit Bikini Jones Beach – Dorian Feleppa

PRESS CONTACT: Fran Petito 631.235.9382

This is part of an exclusive series by MuscleSport Mag on the 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Jones Beach USA contest, for which we are one of the show’s official sponsors. The show will take place on Sunday, August 9.


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