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Cathy LeFrancois Injures Elbow, Will Skip Ms. Olympia

Less than a month before the Ms. Olympia contest, Cathy LeFrancois will have to pull out after injuring her right elbow on August 6 in a freak home accident. She slipped on a carpet mat and fell to the floor, and “fell like a rock,” according to her blog.

After four days of giving her elbow a rest, LeFrancois wrote that she was only “able to bend it 90 degrees but no strength.” X-rays were negative but she was still experiencing pain and swelling in the joint. Days became weeks and on August 26 LeFrancois had to succumb to the obvious.


“Maybe it’s not my time,” she wrote. Truth is Olympia isn’t going anywhere and neither am I,” and “So I tell you this, my fans – I am going to WIN the Arnold Classic bigger and better and stronger and next year I will take [the] Olympia.”

LeFrancois, although bitterly disappointed, seems to be in good spirits. She is still not able to bend her elbow beyond a 90-degree angle. She cannot even raise her arm high enough to perform tasks such as washing her hair or open a jar. Needless to say this untimely injury has impacted her Olympia preparation beyond repair.


Although there is no bone damage, LeFrancois, 38, has yet to have an MRI performed on the elbow. She speculated that it may be tendon or ligament damage. Once the swelling goes down, that will in all likelihood be her next move.


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2009 Arnold Classic – 8th Place

2008 Ms. Olympia – 6th Place

2008 NY Pro – 1st Place

2008 Arnold Classic – 6th Place


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2006 Atlantic City Pro – 9th Place

2006 California Pro Figure – 12th place

2006 Pittsburgh Pro Figure – 13th Place

2005 Sacramento Pro Fitness – 16th Place

2005 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure – 14th Place

2005 Europa Super Show – NP

2005 California Pro – Figure – 17th Place

2003 Ms. Olympia – 4th Place


2003 Arnold Classic – 1st Place

2002 GNC Show of Strength – 2nd Place

2002 Arnold Classic – 4th Place

2001 Arnold Classic – 4th Place

2000 Ms. Olympia – 4th Place

2000 Arnold Classic – 3rd Place

1999 Women’s Pro Extravaganza – 5th Place

1999 Jan Tana Pro – 8th Place

1999 Arnold Classic – 19th Place

1996 Jan Tana Pro – 8th Place

1996 Arnold Classic – 14th Place

1995 Canada Cup – 1st Place

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