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Bill Grant Returns to Muscle Beach

By Bill Grant – It was a great day for an outdoor Bodybuilding Show. This contest had over 2,000 spectators and they were really enthusiatic about the show, which by the way was done very professional. Joe Wheatley really did a bang-up job promoting the event and the competititors where top quality.

He had at least seven television stations on hand to document this event. Also on hand was John Balik, the owner of IronMan Magazine, who by the way is one of the big Sponsors of this great event. Reg Lewis was the recepient of the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame award. Chet Yorton also made an appearance for this show and he also was the recipient for the July 4 Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Award. One really has to physicaly be there to get the real feel and energy of how great this event is. It has the best backdrop that any show could wish for.


You’ve got the boardwalk, which on any given Saturday, Sunday or holiday has thousands walking up and down from Santa Monica to Venice. You have the sun, the surf and all types of entertainmet all along the boardwalk. I would hope that anyone visiting Los Angeles, especially if it is on a summer holiday such as Memorial Day, July 4 or Labor Day, you have got to visit Venice Muscle Beach. You will find it a great experience. See you at the next Muscle Beach Show.


2009 Muscle Beach Championships (Results)


Heavyweight – Peter Jablonski

Light-Heavyweight – Ramsey Abdin

Lightweight – Bishoy Hanna

Masters Over 40 – Thorsten Vosgerau

Masters Over 50 – Ramsey Abdin

Masters Over 60 – Jerry Burton

Middleweight – Guillermo Escalante

Novice Heavyweight – Shawn Zimpfer

Novice Light-Heavyweight – Ryan Swasey

Novice Lightweight – Bishoy Hanna


Novice Middleweight – Kinshasa Moffitt

Overall Novice – Bishoy Hanna

Overall Winner – Peter Jablonski

Teen – Boston Loyd


Heavyweight – Victoria Dominquez

Lightweight – Jackie Lee

Masters – Jutta Vosgerau

Overall Winner – Victoria Dominquez


Masters Over 35 – Cheryl Stoneham

Masters Over 45 – Cheryl Stoneham

Medium – Andrea Mandella

Novice Medium – Kelly Grossman

Novice Short – Taylor Hansen

Overall Novice – Taylor Hansen

Short – Sonjya Rossow

Overall Winner – Andrea Mandella



Mixed Pairs – Jutta Vosgerau, Thorsten Vosgerau


Medium – Victoria Kirsanova

Short – Carolyn Wang

Tall – Victoria Hodgkins

Overall Winner – Victoria Kirsanova

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(Photo: MuscleSport Mag staff writers Bill Grant and Brenda Kelly by “The Pit.”)

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