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T. Micheal Bodybuilding Attire

Since the 1980s, T. Micheal has been known as the authority on bodybuilding attire. Crazee Wear, Gorilla Wear, Pitbull, Gold’s Gym, World Gym – name it and they carried it. That’s in addition to their own line of baggy pants, roomy sweatshirts and everything else that looked as good in the clubs as it did in the gym.

Well, they’re still at it and have now added the modern MMA look to their clothing line, Tapout included. The new look for the cage has taken off of late and the guys over at T. Micheal have taken it to the next level. Shown in the picture is just one of their many items, the T. Micheal Camouflage T-Shirt. The regular price is $26.95 but you can get it now on sale for just $15.95.

As they say on their website, Welcome to Some bodybuilders mistakenly spell our name T. Michael but we are the one and only T. Micheal. T. Micheal is the registered trademark of Creative Clothing. We are your # 1 resource for Gym Clothes including Big Tops, Work Out Tops, Tank Tops, Baggies, Performance Gear, and Much Much More from T. Micheal, Gold’s Gym, World Gym, Gorilla Wear, WICKid, Pitbull, NPC, Crazeewear, Otomix, Valeo Fitness Gear and more.

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