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Introducing MSM’s “Gym Junky Jargon” Advice Column

By Darren Sorensen – I am very excited to be the advice columnist for MuscleSport Mag! My name is Darren Sorensen, or Big D as I am called by a lot of my friends and those who know me. My articles over the last nine years have covered everything from weight loss, weight gain, getting over plateaus, supplementation and eating habits to controversy in sports, drug abuse and getting over your fears. Originally writing a weekly column for my local newspaper, I eventually ended up with a bi-weekly due to time constraints. It isn’t easy coming up with new ideas every week for nine years straight, let me tell you!


Answering your questions in an “Ask Gym Junky” way is much easier, as there is a lot of confusion out there in training, eating, supplementation – you name it! Writing has always been my passion, but before that it has been bodybuilding. Lifting weights and being in the fitness industry now for close to 24 years, it is my privilege  to bring both of these passions together and write about what I love doing!


Currently I hold two nutrition diplomas and am multi-certified in personal training since 1989. I have regular clients that seek advice on weight loss or weight gain and write eating plans based on their individual goals. It’s very enjoyable seeing people finally succeed at something they have been trying to do themselves for so long and to help them get there is a great reward.


About my writing: My writing style is my own and to let my reader’s know ahead of time – I say it like it is! My intention is not to offend, but inform. I welcome any questions or even comments YOU the reader has. If for some reason, I do not know the answer, I will find it for you! Please email your questions to:

I look forward to working with MuscleSport Online Magazine as it is the best online magazine!



My personalized training programs are: $45 US. Personalized eating plans are: $250 US (for 3 months support, included).


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