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NFL Tight End Daniel Wiclox on MuscleSport Radio 9/29

On Tuesday, September 29, MuscleSport Radio welcomes NFL tight end Daniel Wilcox to the program. The Appalachian State University product played the last five season for the Baltimore Ravens and prior to that, was a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets. He also played one season for the Rhein Fire in NFL Europe.

Wilcox had his most productive campaign in 2006 when he started six of the 14 games that he played in and had 20 receptions for 166 yards and three touchdowns. Last season, he had five catches and two scores for a Ravens team that defeated Miami 27-9 in the wild card round and the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional round. Baltimore was ousted by the eventual Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game by a score of 23-14.



2001 – New York Jets (1 game)

2002 – Tampa Bay Buccanneers (0 games)

2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2 games)

2004 – Baltimore Ravens (16 games, 5 starts, 25 receptions, 219 yards, 8.8 average, 1 touchdown)

Rhein Fire (20 catches, 208 yards, 3 touchdowns)

2005 – Baltimore Ravens (13 games, 3 starts, 20 receptions, 154 yards, 7.7 average, 1 touchdown)

2006 – Baltimore Ravens (14 games, 6 starts, 20 receptions, 166 yards, 8.3 average, 3 touchdowns)

2007 – Baltimore Ravens (5 games, 2 starts, 6 receptions, 18 yards, 3.0 average, 1 touchdown)

2008 – Baltimore Ravens (13 games, 1 start, 5 receptions, 19 yards, 3.8 average, 2 touchdowns)


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On this episode, we will also recap the incredible Olympia weekend that included Jay Cutler making history by becoming the first bodybuilder to reclaim the title after being defeated. Iris Kyle made it four consecutive Ms. Olympia titles but Heather Armbrust is breathing down her neck for the top spot.



Tuesday, October 6 – FAME World Tour/BodyProud President and Founder Jeffrey Kippel will join us and we will be discussing MuscleSport Mag’s new strategic partnership with his organization.

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Photo courtesy of Destined for Success Management, LLC

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